Giving Dancers the "EDGE"  
to the Xtreme!!!

  • Kinderdance/Kindergym - These classes are designed for students as young as three years old and are set up as Tap/Ballet/Gymnastics. Each class includes 20 minutes of each dance to accommodate a youngster's attention span, while providing the student with exposure to multiple dance forms.


  • Ballet / Lyrical - The ballet class is one of the most challenging, yet most gratifying classes that we offer. Giving students precise technique, ballet offers a lot more than what meets the eye. It is the foundation for many other dance forms, such as jazz, tap, pep/cheer, hip-hop, and ballroom. Ballet teaches alignment, placement, balance and elegance. Ballet develops poise, muscle strength and discipline. We strongly encourage all of our students to enroll in a ballet class and experience art in its purest form.

  • Pointe - The ballet technique that is performed in Pointe shoes that have a wooden box at the toes. Extensive ballet training is required and is only for ages twelve and up with instructor's permission.

  • Jazz - Studying Jazz is an exciting journey. Jazz relies on a dancer's classical training,yet pushes him/her to connect emotionally to music & movement. Jazz is a technique that develops style through flexibility and strength building exercises and consists of powerful movements.

  • Clogging - A form of dance which is choreographed to a variety of music. A synchronized routine with jingle taps.

  • Tap - Creating rhythms and sounds, tap dancing is truly unique. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” music. Tap is regarded as a truly American dance form that has been passed down from generation to generation. Our tap program includes Traditional Tap (42nd Street) and Rhythm Tap (Gregory Hines, Savion Glover) styles.

  • Hip Hop - This dance form is a thrilling adventure. Dancers from all over come to this specialty class in search of innovative and contemporary movement and great music in an atmosphere of safe self-expression and fun!  Hip Hop is not limited to one style or technique. Variety in Hip Hop is a MUST!  Xtreme EDGE is pleased to offer several different styles of  Hip-Hop including B-Bop, Pop/Lock, Floating, Urban Funk, and even Break-Dance!

  • Cheer Prep - A cheerleading preparation class, including motion drills, chants, stunts,  and dances. For the student that wants to try out for cheerleading or a dance team.

  • Tumbling / Acro - Our mission is to provide an enjoyable FUN activity for children, to encourage whole body FITNESS by vigorous exercise, and to develop the FUNDAMENTAL skills of acrobatic movement. Tumbling is the creation and control of Momentum. The abilities enhanced by participation in a gymnastic program are fundamental to movement in general. A gym program helps to prepare its participants for many different active physical pursuits.

  • Xtreme EDGE Fitness Program - The Xtreme EDGE Fitness program offers a range from fitness and nutrition options for children and adults. With such health issues as diabetes and childhood obesity on an alarming rise in our country, focusing on family health and fitness is even more important than ever.  Weekly group adult Zumba classes feature aerobic exercise with others who enjoy a fun and challenging group class.  Personal training options help individuals set and achieve their fitness goals. Family sessions are also an option to build fitness and heath skills among parents and children. As with our approach to dance, our fitness programs begin with each individual and builds into a love of fun and fitness.

  • Award-Winning Competition Teams 
  • Ballroom & Shag for Singles and Couples
  • Birthday Parties   
  • Pageant Consulting / Pageant Routines